Dropship Information

Will you dropship products to my customers eventhough I am outside of USA/Canada.

Yes, we offer our dropship (http://www.ewis.ca/onlinestore/scripts/dropship.asp) service worldwide. We will gladly accept following mode of payment from Merchants and customers outside of USA/Canada interested in getting merchandise dropshipped to themselves or to their customers worldwide. To avoid time delay in order processing whilegetting payment to us we suggest that you make first payment of certain fixed amount (say 100$ or 500$ depending on your sale volume) this payment received via met...

Is there a membership fee or sign up fee to re-sell your products?

Saveinstant, Inc offers dropship service to individuals or businesses interested to resell products & services available on www.ewis.ca (ships from USA) and www.clubYYC.com (ships from Canada). There is only $4.99/month membership fee of join this dropship program that allows you to resell all our products and services. Whether you're just starting to sell online or you're an experienced online retailer, we have a solution that meets your current business needs. For additional details on dropshi...

How Do I prevent internet FRAUD?

If the item is meant to be shipped overseas, to Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore, and you are being paid with a Western Union Bid Pay Money Order, you are a Victim of Fraud. Contact Western Union, offer the serial number of your Money Order to them, and they will confirm if it is real or fake. If you have received payment via PayPal, you must access the details of the PayPal payment, and confirm if you are shipping to a “Confirmed” PayPal Account Holders Address. If the payment is “Unconfirmed...

How do I get started with your dropship program?

Please visit www.dropship.ewis.ca (http://www.dropship.ewis.ca/)

How do I copy your pictures for my own use?

You may "right click" your mouse pointer on our website pictures, a menu box will drop down. Select "save picture as" and save the picture to a folder on your computer's C drive. Usually it is best to create a folder for all your pictures.

How can I download your Product Details and Pictures?

The following downloads are updated as and when our inventory changes. We recommend you download this information at least once daily in order to keep up to date with our inventory The information contained within these downloaded files is subject to change at any time without notice. Download the Pictures(zip file) (http://www.ewis.ca/onlinestore/usermods/pics.zip) You will need WinZip to unzip the product pictures file you are downloading. Visit www.winzip.com (http://www.winzip.com/) to down...

Do you have a Spreadsheet file and Zip file of pictures for your inventory?

Yes, please follow link below: http://www.ewis.ca/onlinestore/scripts/dropship.asp#downloadprod (http://www.ewis.ca/onlinestore/scripts/dropship.asp#downloadprod)

Do you dropship?

Yes, we will dropship for you. Your name or company name will be listed as the sender on the UPS shipping label. An invoice or "packing slip" will not be included with the package. You will have the option to print your invoice at the time you place your order online.