Will you dropship products to my customers eventhough I am outside of USA/Canada.

Yes, we offer our dropship service worldwide. We will gladly accept following mode of payment from Merchants and customers outside of USA/Canada interested in getting merchandise dropshipped to themselves or to their customers worldwide. To avoid time delay in order processing while getting payment to us we suggest that you make first payment of certain fixed amount (say 100$ or 500$ depending on your sale volume) this payment received via method below shall be applied as credit to your account and same can be used to order from our store and we will dropship product to your customers worldwide. We understand  that you will incur fee in sending funds by wire transfer, to take care of this, we will offer you 5% discount on product cost. Contact us when you are ready to place your order and we will issue DISCOUNT CODE or apply 5% discount on product cost.

Bank Wire Transfer
International Money Order

Western Union Money Transfer (http://www.westernunion.com/)

We apologize for inconvenience caused by not accepting Credit Card as payment method from international customers, however due to complexity of payment validation process and to reduce on time spent on resolving fraudulent transactions we decided to spend more time offering quality products and best services to our valued resellers and customers like you otherwise either of us could be the victim of fraudulently acquired credit card account info being used to order merchandise and have it sent to an unauthorized person.